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Healthy stock. Healthy profits.

The energy and productive vitality of all livestock comes from mineral rich nutrition that is available to them. Productive livestock are always well nourished. When in balance, the higher the mineral density of an animal, means the heavier the animal is, and generally the healthier they are too.

Often the depletion of soils base or trace elements affects fertility, growth rates and many areas of livestock production, resulting in lower profitability.
We find the quickest and easiest way to regain production for our clients is to supply livestock with the minerals they are requiring through a stock lick or bio-nutritional drench; both often work excellently.

The Benefit story

Benefit Products & Services was formed in 1996 after years of researching and studying hundreds of soil tests, and observing livestock health associated with these soils. We have been active re-building and re-energizing, depleted soils and correcting livestock health.

Many soils have been depleted through unsustainable practices, resulting in lower livestock production and profitability.
Our aim is to help you correct the livestock nutritional deficiencies and capitalize on the genetic potential that you have invested in. This in turn often produces a significant increase in income to enable you to start rebuilding your soils again.