Soil Health

Products to aid in re-mineralising and activating soils.


Comp Nutrifert – The success of our Comp Nutrifert comes from the balance and excellent analysis it has. It is very well balanced and creates a positive growth environment in the soil for high production pastures. This has been evidenced by the change in native pasture containing bent grass and onion grass, to ryegrass and clover in a few years. As a soil is regenerated, balanced and enriched, higher phylum pasture species will automatically be restored into the pasture. Sometimes the pastures do need resowing, but it is amazing how much will regenerate from a run-down pasture base.

Protex Liquid Fish

Protex Liquid Fish, is a high energy foliar useful for crops, pasture and horticulture. It is either available in natural or extra phosphorus forms.

Sea Minerals

Sea Minerals has a large range of minerals and it is excellent for re-mineralising poor performing soils or enhancing already productive soils. It excels on high calcium soils or low magnesium soils providing high electrical conductivity and magnesium to balance them. Its high energetic nature makes it a great source of minerals to foliar on hay paddocks or pastures to lift palatability and improve stock health.


Foliar kelp is very beneficial for pastures and horticulture.


This is a clear liquid foliar suitable for all types of crops, pasture and horticulture, with 11% nitrogen and 25% sulphur.

KTS - Potassium Thio Sulphate

A clear liquid foliar potassium for pasture and horticulture.