Foliar Nutrition

Foliar nutrition at the correct timing can increase the potential yeild of a crop. It can also lift the brix (sugars) in plants to resist pests. Higher plant sugars will also make a crop less susceptable to frosting.

Plant Sugars

Good nutrition is important for maximising seed set in a crop and can help farmers maximise production. Correct timing of spraying is also important to raise the yeild potential of a crop. Balanced nutrition for a plant can also lift the brix in plants to resist pests. It is known that when the brix of a plant gets high enough, a pest won’t attack it. Brix is a measurement of plant sap sugar density. The higher the plant sugars the thicker the concerntration of minerals in the plant sap; A plant with a thicker sap, will freeze at a much lower temperature than a plant with a very watery sap. Hence higher plant sugars give more susceptability to frosting.

Nourish Foliar Spray

Nourish has a large range of minerals and it is excellent for re-mineralising poor performing soils or enhancing already productive soils. It excels in high calcium soils or low magnesium soils providing high electrical conductivity and magnesium to balance them. Its high energetic nature makes it a great source of minerals to foliar on hay paddocks or pastures to lift growth and nutrition. It also helps lift palatabilty of pastures and improves stock health.

Protex Liquid Fish

Protex Liquid Fish, is an excellent foliar useful for crops, pastures and horticulture. It is NASAA certified for organic farmers

Protex Liquid Fish + Phos

Protex Liquid Fish + Phos is an excellent foliar for lifting nutrition prior to flowering to aid with fruiting in cereal crops. It can be added to other foliars in a blend or applied directly. It is NASAA certified for organic farmers


Foliar Kelp is beneficial for crop, pastures and horticulture. Kelp can be added to other foliars to enhance the crop nutrition. It is also beneficial for correcting mycroflora balances in the soil.