Soil Health

Rebuilding, re-mineralising and activating soils.

Compost Nutri-Fert

Comp Nutri-fert – will fertilise pastures and crop whilst giving the added benefits that come with compost. The success of Comp Nutri-fert comes from the balance and excellent analysis it has. It is has a neutral Ph and is very well balanced nutritionally. It creates a positive growth environment in the soil for high production pastures. This has been evidenced by many farmers seeing the change in rundown weedy pastures returning to ryegrass and clover within a few years. Sometimes rundown pastures do need resowing, but it is amazing how much will regenerate from that run-down pasture base. As a soil is regenerated, balanced and enriched, higher phylum pasture species will automatically out compete weeds in the pasture. As one creates a more fertile soil better pasture species will be sustained and less spraying is required to maintain a high standard of pasture species.

Aeration of Pastures

Aeration of pastures can speed up the recovery of old pastures. When soils get compacted the pasture base can get uneven and patchy with unfavourable weeds starting to take hold. This is why many people renovate with summer crops or cereal crops to renew the eveness of growth and productivity. This can be done simply by aeration every year or every few years where the soil is loosened down to 200mm in depth but not turned over. Excess water that would normally lie on pastures will be able to drain away into the soil profile leaving the pasture healthy and not waterlogged.

Crops Aerated

After Aeration tap rooted crops benefit immensly as they can send roots down deeply rather than growing right angles because of a hard pan in the soil from poor cultivation practises. Off course these crops will be sustained better in dry seasons and not finish off as early providing production gains.