“Benefit” Bio-nutritional Drench


“Benefit” Bio-nutritional Mineral Drench is a fast-acting, liquid stock supplement to help balance and stimulate gut microflora while supplying a wide range of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. It is an ideal product for stock undergoing stress, or to boost performance at critical stages of production. Use “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench as a tool at strategic times to help increase your profits!

Sheep – Ewes & Lambs

Moving Prime Lambs to Market

For prime lamb production, use “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench,

  • At lamb marking.
  • To give your twinner mobs a boost.
  • If lambs are starting to go a bit wooly or dry.
  • To lift lambs coming out of Winter into Spring.
  • Seven to 10 days before market to add bloom.
  • When the tops come off, give the seconds a dose.
  • Weaning time.

Lifting Store Lambs

Give store lambs “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench as you bring them home as generally stores are on a downward journey and “Benefit” can help turn them around and give them a real boost which saves time and feed costs to get them up and off again.

  • As soon as you buy them in.
  • As lambs are entering a feedlot.
  • Before you put them on a Summer crop.
  • Helping get them through the autumn.

Wool Lambs

The greatest advantage you will see using “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench with wool lambs is helping them to get through the dry autumn months. If you can give them a “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench going into the autumn and then again midway through the autumn we’d be surprised if you didn’t see a real difference in your lambs. Use “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench at…

  • Lamb marking.
  • Weaning time.
  • Helping get lambs through to the Autumn break on dry feed.
  • Pre-shearing (Many people have found their wool combs better).

Maximising Ewes Potential

To maximise the performance of your ewes, use “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench

  • Two to three weeks before joining or AI.
  • Strategically at scanning time (its usually a tough time of year).
  • The last time you have ewes in Pre-lambing.
  • When maiden ewes are stressed or at marking time.
  • After weaning to build them up for rejoining, especially maidens.

Cattle – Cows & Calves

Cattle can be drenched with “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench or you can add “Benefit” Bio-Nutritional Drench to the water trough pro-rata or use a water applicator. (eg Gator)

Rearing Calves

  • As soon as you start bucket rearing add “Benefit” to their milk daily.
  • At Weaning, add “Benefit” to the water trough or drench calves.
  • Add “Benefit” to a clean water troughs when feed is dry in autumn.

Other Cattle

  • Give “Benefit” to cows and heifers three weeks pre-joining.
  • Use “Benefit” in clean troughs Pre-calving and during calving.
  • Through the Summer and Autumn when its dried off.

Marketing Cattle

It is extremely important to maintain the fluid balance in animals prior to sale of livestock, holding or increasing the sale weight and sappiness.

  • Lift store cattle; drench with “Benefit” as you buy them in.
  • Use “Benefit” presale to add bloom.


Use similarly to sheep.

Alpaca & Llama

Use similarly to sheep.