Prescription Mixes

Benefit “Prescription Mixes”

are Created for your livestock’s nourishment!

Hidden hunger, which is a craving for minerals in livestock can affect your productive potential! This is why we make Prescription Mixes specifically for individual farms. Every farm has been affected differently over time by different farming practises; this in turn affects the nutritional balance in the soil and the productivity of livestock on that farm.

“Benefit” makes prescription mixes that are customised for your livestock on your farm. The Prescription Mix is produced in line with farm soil types or plant information. We also go through a livestock sheet with you to build a picture of your livestock production issues. These prescription mixes are produced efficiently according to the number of livestock that you carry.

Testimonies have shown that Benefit Prescription Mixes generally help:

  • Increase fertility and conception rates
  • Increase live lambing percentages
  • Produce more even lines and less ‘tail-enders’
  • Encourage faster growth rates which helps get lambs off quicker
  • Reduce sheep mortality
  • Improve milking and mothering.
  • Boost carcass quality
  • Lessen culls, cripples and ill thrift
  • Produce more even lines reduce ‘tail-enders’
  • Have easier care flocks
  • Help stock hold in better condition with less feeding in autumn

We use a wide range of minerals and vitamins in the prescription mixes that are not in the standard mixes. These are added according to the stock requirements to complete the Prescription Mix.
If you are looking to create extra profit through nutrition you can contact us at Benefit Products & Services for more information.

Genetic Potential and Hidden Hunger

In a quest to increase production, excellent genetics are often purchased to produce superior stock gains. Often the potential of livestock is never realised on many farms because of lack of soil fertility, balance and subsequent unbalanced plant nutrition.

Genetic potential may never be reached in your livestock because of hidden hunger. This is an unseen craving in the animals for the correct minerals they require. Sheep in particularly, can eat many times their requirements to try and alleviate a need for the missing element or elements they are lacking.

Hidden hunger can result in subclinical symptoms running through much of a mob with only a few of the worst affected animals showing physical deficiencies, whilst valuable production is lost in the rest.

Our aim is to help you correct the livestock nutritional deficiencies and capitalise on the genetic potential that you have invested in. This in turn often produces a significant increase in income to enable you to start balancing and rebuilding your soils again.  We find the quickest and easiest way to regain production for our clients is to supply livestock with the minerals they are requiring through a loose stock lick.

We have various blends of minerals for specific area’s which are sold in 1-ton lots (40 x 25kg bags) per pallet.  The average usage rate is approximately 1.5 tons per thousand sheep per year. You can easily supply an excellent mineral mix which will give you many times its cost in profitable production gains.